All too few of us are blessed with the opportunity for daily Mass and Communion. Even St. Gertrude herself had trouble doing that (primarily due to her illnesses). In one of her writings, she relates a conversation with Jesus in which they talked about the graces given to daily communicants…with a surprising statement about when graces are NOT given.

Here’s an excerpt from St. Gertrude’s writings:
Gertrude said, “How far above me in beatitude will those priests be who communicate every day to fulfill the duties of their ministry!”
“It is true,” replied Our Lord, “that those who celebrate worthily shall shine in great glory, but the love of him who communicates with pleasure should be judged of very differently from the exterior magnificence that appears in this mystery. There will be one reward for him who has approached with desire and love; there will be another for him who approaches with fear and reverence; and another for him who is very diligent in his preparation. But those who habitually celebrate through custom only shall have no share in My gifts.”
–The Life and Revelations of St. Gertrude the Great

How many of us Catholics judge our sanctity by the numbers of Masses and Communions we experience? Holiness is not a numbers game, but a “heart game.” The most eloquent prayers–even the Mass itself–are of little value without engagement of the heart. But prayers fueled by love, devotion and confidence will move the highest mountains.

Reflection: At Communion time, we must always be aware of the awesome significance of what we are about to do. Our hearts must be in the game. It is Christ Himself, Creator of the Universe, whom we receive in the form of the Host. 

Before approaching the table of the Lord, we pray to be worthy; we pray to be in the moment when God blesses us with this indescribable Eucharistic miracle. We pray to be prepared.