What were these Church Architects thinking?

One of St. Gertrude’s favorite places in the world was the chapel she worshiped in every day that she had her health. I was recently thinking about my own small parish church…and how it compared to those of St. Gertrude’s time. My church is ultra modern, simple, almost sterile. And then I came across this […]

The Litany of St. Gertrude

As you read the writings of St. Gertrude, you will be amazed at the closeness of her relationship to Jesus. For that reason, you may find it helpful to whisper your needs and requests into Gertrude’s ear…that she may pass them on to Jesus Himself.  Here’s a great little prayer to help you do that… The […]

The Merits of Suffering…and “Languishing”

I must admit, if ever I were to come down with a serious illness, I would be the biggest baby you ever saw. I don’t think I’d be good at enduring pain. Patient suffering is not my strong suit. St. Gertrude, on the other hand, was cut from a different cloth. She suffered tremendously throughout […]

Do You Desire Perfection?

At some point in our journey upon this planet, we may become fortunate enough to discover exactly why we’re here. I hardly claim to know the answer, but it seems to my small and imperfect mind that it JUST MAY have something to do with the quest for spiritual perfection. I find I’m happiest when […]

Can’t Sleep? What Jesus Said to Gertrude

Gertrude writes that she was once having problems sleeping, but offered up her suffering for the glory of God and the salvation of man. Touched by compassion, Jesus taught her a prayer for such conditions: “I beseech Thee, O Most Merciful God, by the most tranquil sweetness with which Thou has reposed from all eternity […]

The Gift of Frequent Communion

All too few of us are blessed with the opportunity for daily Mass and Communion. Even St. Gertrude herself had trouble doing that (primarily due to her illnesses). In one of her writings, she relates a conversation with Jesus in which they talked about the graces given to daily communicants…with a surprising statement about when […]

Spiritual Communion–How Jesus Prepares Us

Spiritual Communion: How Jesus Prepares Us  How few of us turn our thoughts to receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist outside of Sunday Mass. Lucky are we who have the opportunity to commune daily. St. Gertrude was so focused on receiving the Host that it was the epicenter of her daily life. All things revolved […]